Why Competitions

Why Competitions

Scottish Young Musicians believes that participating in a music competition has lasting and significant benefits for all that take part. It can also be a lot of fun! 

  • Working towards a performance at competition level gives you something to aim for. It’s an incentive to put in that extra bit of effort that will really help you to develop as a young musician.
  • Playing live in front of an audience is an experience like no other, helping you to grow in confidence and develop skills that will be invaluable later in life.
  • Playing in the same festival brings camaraderie through observing, meeting, and learning from others.

Music is an invaluable discipline which can increase learning capability across the whole spectrum of the curriculum. The Scottish Young Musicians competitions provides a focus for young people across the country, helping them to sharpen their musical abilities, benefit their wider learning and develop skills that will stay with them for life.

To find out more about the importance of music in education at Bigger Better Brains.

Quotes from 2022 Finalists

"It has given me a good and new experience and has also helped improve my confidence playing in front of others."

"It made me so appreciative of the hard work I have put in to be on the same level as Scotland’s top musicians."

"A means to focus my practice in order to work towards something."

"It was an amazing opportunity, I loved meeting others who had a passion for music, and I was truly moved by the talent and kindness showed by everybody, competitor or else, the most unforgettable event."

I am excited to see the emergence of these new competitions which will be of immense help and encouragement for the aspirations of thousands of young Scottish musicians. As they say, it’s not the winning that counts - it’s the taking part and learning a lot about oneself as a developing musician, being able to contrast and compare one’s progress with one’s young colleagues.

Sir James MacMillan
Conductor, Composer & Artistic Director,
The Cumnock Tryst

James McMillan