Apply for Financial Help

Apply for Financial Help

Scottish Young Musicians has partnered with Awards for Young Musicians to help young musicians in Scotland find much needed funding to further their goals. Through the Awards programme, young musicians can apply to access £100 - £2,000 funding towards their musical costs and gain access to AYM's programme of musical opportunities.

If you need support, take a look at the eligibility conditions below and apply direct. Your music teacher or instrumental teacher may also be able to assist. 

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You can apply for an award if:

You are aged 5 - 17
Young musicians can apply any time after their 5th birthday and before their 18th birthday.

You are living and studying in the UK
If you have been living or studying in the UK for fewer than three years, you will be eligible to make an application if you are:

  • a national of a member state of the European Economic Area (EEA) or Switzerland and a child of a migrant worker
  • a refugee or the child of a refugee who has not been ordinarily resident outside the British Islands since being recognised as a refugee or granted leave to enter or remain in the British Islands

You are an instrumentalist, singer, composer, producer or songwriter
We value all genres and styles of music equally. 

Your family is on a lower income
You will be eligible if the total income of any parents/carers in your home is less than £30,000 a year.

You may be eligible if it's between £30,000 - £40,000 a year. It's unlikely you will be eligible if it's above £40,000 a year.

What about musical talent?
We’re looking for musical talent, but talent looks like many things. We recognise that each young musician is on their own musical path, and we want to hear about it. We are looking for young musicians who:

  • have the potential and passion to take their music to a high level with the right support 
  • made great progress with whatever music education they have had access to and now need support to take their next steps 
  • love what they do and have ideas for how they want to develop as an artist  

If you have any questions about the Awards programme or the application process, you are very welcome to get in contact with us at

Please mention Scottish Young Musicians in your application. 


There are few things more valuable than to encourage and inspire the next generation of young musicians to achieve their goals and realise their dreams. The competitions organised by Scottish Young Musicians are an exciting way of getting everyone to enjoy their musical journey to the stage, a place that I call home!

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